The Sweet Smell of Christmas

Christmas has never smelled so good. All thanks to cookies and trees and mints and, of course, Patricia M. Scarry and J. P. Miller’s book, The Sweet Smell of Christmas. There are so many different scents to be had during the Christmas seasons, the author and illustrator have taken that idea and put it into the pages of this story.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas features one young bear and her travels through her house, smelling all the delicious scents that occur during the yuletide holidays. Patricia M. Scarry presents a simple tale while J.P. Miller showcases everything else through bright, celebratory pictures that capture the holiday scene, from trees to gingerbread men. Meant for infants and preschoolers, they’ll love the story, but there’s yet one more thing for them to enjoy.

The book is also part of the Scented Storybook Series, which makes The Sweet Smell of Christmas not only a fun tale, but also a scratch-and-sniff story. There are six different scents for kids to scratch and then smell. Some they may recognize while others they may experience for the very first time. Don’t be surprised to see kids scratching and sniffing for long periods of time as they drink in scents like gingerbread, piney evergreen trees, and delicious apple pie.

Picture books like this one are meant for infants and preschoolers, but kids a little older will also love the tasty smells this book has to offer. The basic idea and the execution behind it can make it quickly become a favorite in a family’s home with the request to read it (and smell it) popping up over and over again. The scents last for a very long time, though eventually the time may come when a new book has to be purchased in order to keep the smells going.

Warm and traditional, it’s the sort of book that parents love to read to kids, and then enjoy the idea of their kids reading it to the next generation and so forth. See if kids can identify all the smells in your home after reading this book.

The Sweet Smell of Christmas


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