The Silver Spoon for Children

Adults who love to cook Italian food might be familiar with the original title by Phaidon Press. The Silver Spoon for Children follows the tradition of delicious Italian cooking, but aims the recipes towards the younger generation.

Amanda Grant is the main name responsible for helping put this book together. Her credentials when it comes to cooking with kids are as good as they can be, complete with her own television series in the United Kingdom.

Along with Phaidon Press editors, The Silver Spoon for Children is chock full of mouth-watering recipes that kids will love to gobble down night after night. Recipes are meant to be simple and straightforward. Each one has clear, concise instructions and recipe lists. The recipes are genuine Italian, but adapted to suit kids and tested by experts in children’s nutrition. These recipes are fun to make but also are sure to include fresh ingredients that are good for little ones’ minds and bodies, wholesome goodness that will have kids excited to be in the kitchen with mom and dad.

Not only is it filled with recipes, but it also aims to teach children how to act in the kitchen, what different kitchen utensils are for, and other various kitchen-related tidbits. Recipes range far and wide from main meals like lasagna to fun yet elegant foods like Magharita pizza. Children’s books have never been so deliciously high class.

The Silver Spoon for Children makes sure to include plenty of pictures and illustrations. Harriet Russell brings in her specially-commissioned artworks that suit kids as well as the recipes. Russell is also no stranger to children and knows just what makes them tick. Her illustrations will both inspire and help children as they work with their parents in the kitchen.

With this title on their side, parents might not have to cook again! Though that may be a nice thought, knowing that kids are learning even as they have a great time makes for a positive feeling. The bonding time spent in the kitchen can make even not-quite-right recipes taste delicious.

The Silver Spoon for Children

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