The Princess and the Three Knights

The name Karen Kingsbury is well-known among many adults. Now this New York Times bestselling author has turned her attention to giving children a little something to dream about. The Princess and the Three Knights is a beautifully illustrated fairy tale.

In this story, three knights wish to marry the king’s daughter. However, the king won’t allow just anyone to marry her. He needs to know that she will marry a worthy man. So he puts a challenge to them; they must prove their love to her by performing various tasks in a competition. Each man is quite capable, but when it comes to the final task, the king requests that they each ride as fast as they can toward a dangerous cliff. The task is to see which man can come closest to the cliff with the princess on his horse. However, there is only one true answer to this challenge, and only one worthy knight will know it.

Coupled with Gabrielle Grimard’s gorgeous illustrations, Karen Kingsbury’s newest effort at children’s books is a hit. The Princess and the Three Knights is a sweet tale of inner beauty as well as devotion to God. It focuses on how love is the most powerful protection of all and includes a little bit of scripture here and there. It isn’t overbearing, but instead very gently suggesting that trusting God will lead a person down the right path, and that love is most important. A good message for any child to learn and understand.

Gabrielle Grimard’s illustrations really help the book take off. They’re sweeping and capture the essence of a fairy tale land, with plenty of pink for the princess and ribbons and dashing men and a wonderful castle. The Princess and the Three Knights will especially appeal to little girls, who will delight in the beauty of the pictures and enjoy the story brought forth by Kingsbury.

With plenty to learn, a lot to look at, and a story to read through again and again, kids will want to keep this book not just for a few years, but forever.

The Princess and the Three Knights


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