The Princess and the Dragon

For over thirty years, Audrey Wood has produced numerous childrens books on all sorts of subjects. From teaching kids how to count to using their imaginations to the fullest, Wood exposes kids of all ages to a variety of stories and illustrative sty

les. She has worked with other renowned children’s authors and illustrators such as David Shannon and Mark Teague. Her husband Don and son Bruce have also been involved in giving some of Audrey’s stories color and life. But within the pages of The Princess and the Dragon, both the story and the illustrations are Audrey’s, meant entirely for her readers. A young princess has a bit of a wild side. She certainly doesn’t act like a princess. Her manners are awful. She makes faces at her subjects and slurps her soup out of her bowl. Her mother the Queen and her father the King simply do not know what to do with her! In fact, everyone decides that this princess acts a lot like a little dragon! Then one day the princess ventures off into the woods. What does she find hidden

away in a cave but a real, live dragon! Except this isn’t the sort of dragon people expect. This dragon is very polite. Her cave is clean and pretty. She keeps her scales bright and shiny. She also doesn’t want to do anything the princess says. Capture the princess? She wouldn’t dream of it! And as the two talk they realize a few things about themselves and what others think of them. The Princess and the Dragon takes two ideas and turns them upside-down! Readers will find themselves quite amused at the way the two characters act. Audrey Wood gives the story simple narration while also supplying little speech bubbles for the characters, giving the illustrations a slightly cartoon-like style that kids can appreciate. Her illustrations are also cause for smiles, as the princess has wildly frizzy hair and the dragon is utterly adorable, with her pink scales and even dainty eyelashes! She’s the sort of dragon that kids will wish they could be friends with! The Princess and the Dragon is a delightful

read all around.

The Princess and the Dragon

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