The Popcorn Book

What’s more enjoyable to children than popcorn? You can use it for so many things! You can use it to string up for decorations at Christmas time, and for the perfect thing to throw in a pretend war. And, of course, you can eat it. Apparently Tomie dePaola decided that popcorn was such an amazing piece of food that he had to write a whole book about it. Very rarely do you find childrens books like The Popcorn Book, which tells all about one specific thing in a fun and engaging way.

The Popcorn Book is all about, of course, popcorn! In this story children learn a mini-history lesson about popcorn and where it came from. They learn why pop corn pops, how it’s stored, and how early Native Americans used popcorn, as well as how they cooked it before stoves and microwaves were commonly used or even created. There are tons of little lessons that can be learned in a classroom setting from this book, and tons of things that you can learn at home from a reading of it.

One of the most enjoyable things about this book is that it’s not just for children. Adults can read The Popcorn Book and will learn things about popcorn that they likely never knew, often resulting in conversations with their children about popcorn that get everyone talking and learning at the same time, making this Tomie dePaola book a must have for any home and for children of any age.

The Popcorn Book

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