The One and Only Shrek!

The One and Only Shrek! is a compilation of six of William Steig’s best-loved children’s books. The book contains the full text of the stories Shrek!, The Amazing Bone, Brave Irene, Spinky Sulks, Dr. De Soto, and Caleb & Kate. This book is a must-have for all children’s bookshelves.

The One and Only Shrek! is a convenient tomb that will allow Steig readers to gather some of his classics in one place. Readers have fallen in love with Shrek!, the book that spawned the now wildly-popular movie. Shrek! is the story of two hideously ugly trolls who find beauty in each other. Readers get to tag along on their hilarious adventures.

The Amazing Bone is a fairy tale about a pig named Pearl and a magic bone that she finds. In this story, Steig creates some memorable characters including a debonair fox who aims to eat poor Pearl.

Children can’t help but love Brave Irene. This classic tale centers on a girl dedicated to helping her sick mother. She braves much peril as she delivers a gown her mother has made to the duchess in time for the big ball. Courage, bravery and unselfishness abound.

Spinky Sulks is a very funny story about a boy who doesn’t want to talk to his family anymore. Instead of running away, he sulks around the house pretending he can’t talk or hear.

Never take a fox on as a patient if you are a mouse dentist. That’s the gist of the very endearing Dr. De Soto. De Soto and his wife must get creative when one of their wily patients tries to eat them.

The final story in the collection is Caleb & Kate. Once again Steig harnesses the powers of magic to delight his readers. When Kate’s husband is turned into a dog by a witch, how will he convince Kate of his real identity?

The One and Only Shrek! includes some of the best of Steig’s children’s books and will become a much cherished selection in libraries at home and at school.

The One and Only Shrek!

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