The New Baby

Mention Mercer Mayer to just about any kid, and he or she will be able to tell you about the numerous books they have enjoyed over the years. Yet another addition to the Little Critter series, this book contains yet another fun story that kids and p

arents will love. Mercer Mayer continues to delight children all over with his Critters and their antics. The

New Baby focuses on just that. Little Critter’s family is going to have a baby. He’s quite excited, and when the baby arrives, he is ready to be a really good big brother. Except there are a few small problems. His little sister is not being a very good sister. Whenever he tries to tell her stories, she does not listen. She always seems to be crying about something, and she makes a lot

of funny faces. Little Critter even has plenty of jokes to tell her, but she does not understand any of them! What good is a little sister when you can’t do anything with her? Eventually, Little Critter realizes all the things that one can do with a tiny sister, and decides that maybe being a big brother really is a good thing after all. Many people often

purchase this book for kids who are about to

have a younger sister or brother. The New Baby shows kids things that an infant needs and how to be a good older sibling. Combined with Mercer Mayer’s unforgettable Little Critter drawings (complete with the occasional mouse and spider cameo!), it is a giggle-worthy story that can give children a better understanding of what it

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means to have a newborn in the house. Childrens books like this are always popular because they are simple and a joy to read. It shouldn’t take young kids long to start reading The New Baby on their own. A small paperback book, prepare for it to become well-worn with use, as well as kids asking for additional books by Mercer Mayer and featuring Little Critter. The series is big, and kids can even see his little sister when she’s all grown up!

The New Baby

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