The Napping House

Audrey Wood and Don Wood make a great team.  With Audrey’s storytelling skills and Don’s artistry, they’ve created The Napping House, a story about exactly that.  A house in which everyone is napping.  That is, almost everyone.  A wakeful flea is about to take a little bite out of someone and very soon the house won’t be full of people napping anymore.

The colors and style by Don Wood change during the course of The Napping House.  Things start out nice and sleepy, full of blues and purples and windows wet with rain.  These skilled pictures are met with Audrey Wood’s words that encourage sleepiness like “dreaming child” and “snoozing cat,” all of which children can see.  Sleeping positions start out just like any other, but eventually grandma is sprawled out on her stomach (still asleep) with the child snuggled on top of her and the hairy dog happily laying upside-down on both granny and the child.  Children will point and giggle at the silly scenarios and the chaos that follows when the flea takes a nibble.

A fun book that eventually lightens as the sun comes out and the rain goes away.  Potentially one of the preferred children’s books to read at bedtime, The Napping House has a certain sleepy quality to it that may lull children off to dreamland before the story ends and everyone is awake.  If not, it’s still sure to be a pleasing story that will have parents giggling right along and hoping no wakeful fleas pop up during the night.

The Napping House


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