The Marshmallow Incident

Two neighboring towns have a large line that separates them. The towns, named Left and Right, are very unique. In the town of Left only people who are left-handed live, and in the town named Right, only people who are right-handed live. The bright yellow line that separates the towns is guarded by ambidextrous knights, who guard the line to make sure that people who live in Left stay in left, and people who live in Right stay in right.

In the tale of The Marshmallow Incident, however, one of the residents in one town accidentally crosses the line into the other town. This means that it’s time for the knights to fight! But what will they use for ammunition? The only ammunition that they have is a large amount of marshmallows that one of the knights won once in a poetry contest. So they begin to start throwing marshmallows at the intruder. This starts the knights on the other side retaliating with, you guessed it, more marshmallows, and so The Marshmallow Incident begins.

All children (and adults) occasionally get into arguments, even if it’s over something that’s very silly. It sometimes takes picture books such as this one to point out how silly an argument really can be, and how it can get out of control extremely fast. After all, how silly is it to start throwing marshmallows simply because someone crossed a line that they weren’t supposed to cross?

The tale of The Marshmallow Incident is not just a tale about how conflicts can sometimes be absolutely ridiculous, it’s also a very fun read. With engaging pictures and fun wording, the story is one that will leave both parents and adults clamoring for more, or s’more, as it were! Follow along as the story winds down a close and as your children start begging for some marshmallows to throw. Created by author Judi Barret, author of numerous children’s stories including the bestseller Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, this is one sweet tale that the entire family will not be able to get enough of.

The Marshmallow Incident


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