The Magic Hat

It takes a great deal of imagination to become a successful author of picture books, and Mem Fox definitely has that. Mem Fox is an author who has been writing children’s books for over 15 years, and many of her books

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have inspired a lifetime love of reading in children and have inspired other authors to reach for their dreams of being an author.

One tale is very unique in the world of Fox books and is simply a delightful read for the entire family.

The story of The Magic Hat is all about, of course, a hat that has magic in it.

It suddenly appears in a town one day and no one knows where it comes from. The wind, however, seems to blow it around at will, and it ends up landing on the head of each resident, one at a time. Every time it lands on someone’s head, it turns them into an animal! Children can enjoy trying to figure out what animal the person is going to transform into, as there are clues throughout the story. For instance a fruit stand seller who is juggling bananas turns into a monkey.

This tale is brought to life through the wonderful rhyming of Fox’s words. Every time the hat moves on, for instance, the refrain of “Oh, the magic hat, the magic hat! It moves like this, it moved like that!” But the other thing that brings this tale to life is the beautiful illustrations created by Tricia Tusa. The illustrations are created with ink and watercolor and are bright and clever, as bright and clever as the words that Fox, herself, writes.

The tale of the magic chapeau is one that is an enjoyable read for both parent and child, and is one that will help children who are just learning to read, as they can follow along with the repetition in order to learn better how to read the easy words that are in the story. The Magic Hat is a fun book that is perfect for children from preschool up to third grade.

The Magic Hat


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