The Little Fish That Got Away

There are a handful of authors of childrens books that are not only enjoyed for any length of time, but that are remembered and loved for 50 years or more. The stories that came from Crockett Johnson, however, are still loved to this very day. Everyone knows about Harold and the Purple Crayon, but many do not know about some of Crockett Johnson’s other works, including The Little Fish That Got Away.

The Little Fish That Got Away is a story about a little boy who goes fishing every day. But, like many fishermen, he doesn’t catch anything no matter what he tries. Still, the little boy sits and sits, baiting his hook and trying to get a bite. One day his patience is rewarded when he meets a very special, and very clever, fish during his fishing expedition.

There aren’t many books out there that can combine simple illustrations and repetitive words in the same way that The Little Fish That Got Away can. Parents may believe, at first, that they will grow tired of the repetition, which children adore and learn from, but once they get into the story they find that the repetition is just right, and is used just enough to keep the rhythm going but not enough to drive parents crazy. This Crockett Johnson book is one that is ideal for any collector, and for any young child who loves to hear a simple, yet engaging, story.

the little fish that got away


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