The House in the Night

“The House in the Night”  by writer Susan Marie Swanson and illustrator Beth Krommes is a story that knows few equals.  In fact, though marketed with most other childrens books, more than a few adults have added it to their own collections and with good reason.  Swanson’s words are few and far between leaving more than enough room for Krommes to weave an amazing visual storyline all her own.  Visually this book is one of the most stunning childrens titles in years, on par with the likes of the perennial favorite Where the Wild Things Are for how easy its images are to remember and how difficult the story is to forget.

Scratchboard art has never really received its full due in the world of picture books but Beth Krommes has single handedly helped to turn that tide with what can only be described as frame worthy art on each and every one of this book’s forty pages.  The story itself in “The House in the Night” is a good one and one that is perfectly written for use as a repeat bed time story.  The lush images and simple story line are sure to fill your child’s slumber with rich dreams and a vivid imagination.

As the words spin the beginning of the tale, a child places a house key on a hook on the wall. In “The House in the Night” that’s just the beginning and both you and your children will enjoy the light hearted and free adventure that follows.  Climb into bed and open this book with your kids!

the house in the night


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