The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived

Get ready to be launched into a fantasy world of adventure with The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived. It’s the story of Hector and his Salamander, Minton. Hector was launched from a volcano, making him particularly hot. Minton is Hector’s only friend because he’s so hot that no one else can stand to be near him. The boy’s life is changed forever when a flood washes the two of them out to sea. Adrift for a couple weeks, the pair is finally found and rescued by a Viking girl named Gilda.

Gilda is not bothered by the heat and actually enjoys Hector’s warmth. She takes them back to her home where the adventure continues. His heat can do amazing things, and he becomes a welcome addition to the cold village. The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived will take your child on an adventure like no other. Little boys are fascinated with volcanoes. The idea that a boy came from one will intrigue young readers. Hector goes from being an outcast to being the center of attention. The change will ring true with many children.

A fascinating story is the key to getting kids to love reading. This offbeat tale is sure to be just that. A step beyond typical childrens books, this tale is illustrated to emphasize and highlight Hector’s fiery hair. The book is sure to teach kids the importance of self-acceptance and self-confidence.

Anna Fienberg and Kim Gamble are the author and illustrator, respectively. They have collaborated on several books and brought many stories to life. There credits include several action/adventure book series that are perfect for early readers.

As your child learns to read on their own, you’ll want them to choose books that hold their attention and keep them coming back. Action/adventure books that transport them into fantasy worlds are a perfect way to keep them reading. Giving your child a story that is beyond reality helps them use their imagination and keeps them guessing. The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived will be a great addition to your child’s library.

The Hottest Boy Who Ever Lived


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