The Gruffalo’s Child

Author Julia Donaldson has done it again with The Gruffalo’s Child, sequel to the charming story The Gruffalo. In the first story, she told the tale of the mouse who made up, or so he thought, a creature that was big and scary so he could walk through the woods and not be harmed by any of the animals there. Now, in this story, the daughter of a creature called a gruffalo, the same creature the mouse thought he made up, is off on a quest to find an animal called the big, bad, mouse. Her father thinks his description of a mouse is purely from his imagination. But when she goes off in search of the mouse, she is in for quite a surprise.

She finds the mouse and is amazed that he is not really big, bad, and scary. He doesn’t even really have eyes that are like fire. His whiskers are soft, not rough. As a matter of fact, the mouse is not even big; he is small and scrawny. She decides that she will have him for a snack, but the mouse makes a plan. He convinces her to go home to her father. The Gruffalo’s Child is one of those children’s books that will fast become a family favorite, along with the first story told about the mouse and the terrible creature. The story line is full of adventure, suspense, and drama. The verse is easy to read and flows very nice when read out loud. Sharing this story with your little ones will offer an enjoyable time for all.

The illustrations, masterfully done by Alex Scheffler, are full of wonderful wooded scenes, colorful, and charming. They add to the story line and help the reader see as well as hear the story as it plays out. The Gruffalo’s Child will be a wonderful addition to any collection of children’s books and picture books. It is well written, and will be something that will be fun to read for children and adults alike. Reading good books together is one way to make childhood memories that will last forever.

The Gruffalo's Child


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