The Gruffalo

There is no better story to share with your children than one that will offer an enjoyable time for all of you. If you are looking for a story that will keep you, as well as your children, wanting to come back for more, then this one is for you. The Gruffalo is one of those stories that will charm you, entertain you, and become something that will be with you forever. The story revolves around a little mouse who has to go through the woods. There are so many creatures and dangers along the way that any common mouse might be very afraid. Not this mouse though. He has a plan that will give him the courage he needs, and the boldness to keep going, no matter who or what he encounters along the way.

His plan is this: he will tell anyone who looks suspicious, dangerous, or even the least little bit threatening, that he is going to meet a gruffalo. Now, the mouse knows that there is really no such thing, but he devises a description that may even end up scaring him. When questioned by various animals in the woods, and practically invited to be their lunch, he tells them that he has to meet a friend. When asked who his friend is, he tells them of his dangerous friend. Then he describes this huge creature who has claws that turn inward, big tusks in his huge jaws, knobby knees, and even scary toes that turn out. He even tells them that the horrible creature has a poisonous wart on the end of his nose. That paints a picture of a very scary creature in the mind of each animal he tells it to. He has no reason to be scared now, does he? He knows there is really no such thing, and that he in fact invented the creature himself.

The verse in this children’s book flows like well written poetry, and the story will be one that you won’t be able to stop reading until you are done. Enjoying this as a bedtime story, an after school story, or just a good read any time will give you and your kids a real treat. It may have been written for ages four to eight, but there is no age limit when it comes to enjoying a wonderful story that is so well told.

The Gruffalo


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