The Graves Family Goes Camping

Many kids will remember this wacky and weird family from Patricia Polacco’s first book featuring them. But now they are about to have a new adventure – the kind that most people would never expect them to take. Camping!

Polacco makes readers giggle in ghoulish delight at all the silly mishaps this creepy family gets into, and they will have a blast at the end!

The Graves Family Goes Camping – a title that sums up this book perfectly. Indeed, the family is off for the wild wilderness. But they can handle the great outdoors. Especially because they intend to bring their giant spiders, flying bats, and even with gigantic Venus flytrap, Phoebe. They intend to have a nice relaxing time, and that means catching other strange and interesting creatures! Everything is in order with the family, until they realize that there happens to be a fire-breathing dragon living on the island nearby. But with the Graves, perhaps that would not be so bad. Except the dragon gets one taste of Mrs. Graves’s delicious treats and refuses to leave them alone!

When the dragon follows them home, so does a good dose of old fashioned chaos! After all, a fire-breathing dragon and a bunch of fireworks do not mix well. Especially when the fireworks are meant for the town’s Fourth of July Celebration. What will the town do now?

The Graves Family Goes Camping is a rollicking good time. Kids 4 through 8 will snicker at the idea of a dragon snacking on treats and a Venus flytrap named Phoebe. They will thoroughly enjoy this title for all its imaginative creatures and adventures. How can readers not take a liking to a big dragon? Picture books like Polacco’s are what kids hope to find on their shelves,

and with Polacco’s full illustrations showing off all the creatures and exploding fireworks, it is hard not to have a good time.

Of course, all ends well and the town is satisfied, though the one thing that readers will all be wondering does not get answered until the end of the book. Does the dragon get to stay with the Graves, or does he have to leave? Only one way to find out!

The Graves Family Goes Camping

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