The Graves Family

Patricia Polacco is mostly known for her tales that serve up a slice of life, either from her past or from true stories that she has heard. But Polacco isn’t without a sense of wacky creativity! She creates The Graves Family, who turn out to be a little like the Addams Family, but they just want to fit in with their new neighborhood.

The Graves Family has just moved in, though not everyone is excited about their new neighbors. They don’t exactly fit in with the rest of the people in the city. The family has several huge spiders lounging about in their living room. In the kitchen, cookies aren’t baking. Instead, a huge Venus flytrap by the name of Phoebe lives in there, and it always seems to be eating something. The basement has a laboratory where Mr. Graves concocts some interesting things, including a hair tonic that works wonders, but it comes from cats!

The family has trouble settling in, and even though Seth and Sara, two kids who live next door, do their best to help, things only go horribly wrong and leave the family in worse shape than before. Will the Graves ever be able to fit in with their neighbors and be accepted?

Patricia Polacco has been writing children’s books for years, and knows when to throw a raucous story out to her readers. Combining her writing skills with her memorable illustrations, this is one romp that kids won’t soon forget. After all, how crazy is a huge Venus flytrap named Phoebe? Polacco’s drawings all come together with all sorts of fun details and colors to match the mood of the home, as well as the wildness of some of the creatures living in the home. The Graves Family follows her other books and has a happy ending, which always sit well with kids. Ideal for kids ages 5 to 8, this tale is great for spooky Halloween nights, but can be read at any time of the year.

Polacco knows how to make a story that Canada cialis teaches a little lesson, but kids have a wonderful time in the process, so don’t be surprised if this becomes a favorite title!

The Graves Family

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