The Fire Station

The Fire Station by Robert Munsch is the author at his best. As creative as it is funny, it’s a narrative you simply can’t miss with this choice, and his amazing characters are, as always, front and center, in this great choice you’ll want to share with your kids again and again.

This is the story of Michael and Sheila, two curious youngsters who get themselves into trouble. They want to see ladders and fire hoses and rubber boots at the nearby firehouse, and they do when Sheila pulls Michael inside. But that’s not enough for two curious kids, or an author like this!

When Michael and Sheila stow away on a fire truck, they get to see a fire and end up covered in yellow, green, blue, and purple smoke. A very angry fire chief from The Fire Station has to bring them home. Mom and Dad don’t recognize their own children when they arrive home and make them stay in their baths for several days.

After the incident, Michael tells Sheila that if she ever gets them into so much trouble again, he will have her put in jail. Sheila, ever curious and never scared, gets another bright idea. The last we see of Michael, he is being pulled into the police station!

In this story, children are the mischief makers. Unlike most of Munsch’s children’s books, however, this story does not show the children as the heroes. In this case, Michael and Sheila are just inquisitive kids who get themselves into some sticky situations. There’s no real problem to be solved. The Fire Station is just a cute story that children will love to hear read over and over again.

Michael Martchenko, who has teamed up with Munsch on many of his books, creates another winner with his bright and fanciful illustrations. It’s these beautiful pictures paired with the great ideas Munsch presents that make this such a good choice for kids ages four to eight. Whether you have a little one who is interested in fire stations or you just want something new to read with your kids, this is an excellent selection.

The Fire Station


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