The Dark

The Dark is just one of 25 great stories by Robert Munsch, and it’s thirty-two pages of great story both you and your children will love to read again and again. Designed for kids ages for to eight, it’s perfect for your preschooler or your early elementary student.

The story begins innocently enough with young Jule Anne exploring an empty cookie jar. When something bounces out of the jar and onto the floor, mayhem breaks loose. “What’s that?,” wonder a fearful Jule Anne and her mother. Turns out it’s a “Dark.” Darks eat shadows and grow larger. Larger and larger still until darkness is everywhere. The Dark finally falls asleep on the roof of Jule Anne’s house.

The Dark plays off children’s fascination with shadows and their hesitance to be alone in the dark. Readers are sucked into the story and wonder how Jule Anne and her family will get away from this Dark that is eating everything in sight.

Munsch is famous for his strong heroines and for rendering parents helpless in absurd but scary situations. Readers will cheer as Jule Anne, alone without her parents, conquers her fear and saves the day. When she realizes that the Dark has not eaten her chair’s shadow, she breaks off a piece and pushes the Dark back into the buy cipro cookie jar with it.

The Dark is a standout among childrens books. Not only is its heroine a strong female, but it helps timid children to conquer their fear of being alone in the dark. Ingenuity is always celebrated in Munsch’s books. The child always saves the day, and in this choice, that equation is little different. The delightful combination of child conquering fears and hapless parents make for a selection your kids, whether they’re afraid of darkness or not, will love again and again.

Illustrations by Michael Martchenko make a lack of light seem silly instead of frightening. A great

book read-aloud for pre-K and Kindergarten children who are just beginning to be scared of the dark or an easy-read for older elementary kids, it’s one you’ll certainly want to add to your bookshelf.

The Dark


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