The Curious Garden

Can one person’s actions really make a difference in the world around him? Not many children’s books would take on such a big question but the picture book The Curious Garden does just that. The best part is that children and adults alike will be so captivated by the story of Liam and his secret garden that they won’t even realize they are learning something too.

In the book, the main character, a young boy named Liam, discovers a hidden garden among urban relics. The neglected garden of mostly grass and wildflowers is in need of love and attention. Liam goes to the task of tending his new garden with great enthusiasm, and although not an expert in the beginning his perseverance pays off. The Curious Garden uses vivid language and stunning illustrations to capture the beauty of the garden as it begins to thrive and grows out into the city around it. Soon the garden transforms the dreary city into a more beautiful place and inspires others to care for it as well.

The picture book is a fabulous addition to any school or family library. It is also an excellent story to read aloud to a group. The group of children will enjoy the journey Liam takes to become a better gardener. The illustrations will have the class begging for each page to be turned. The book will also make a great addition to preschool and elementary classroom units on the environment or nature.

Even young children not yet able to read will enjoy this book on their own. Each page is filled with illustrations of the growing garden and of the young boy, Liam. He appears on each page just waiting to be found by the curious young reader.

Just as gardens full of flowers, trees and shrubs bring joy and color to our lives so do wonderfully written stories. The book The Curious Garden will become a favorite for all young readers, parents and grandparents who pick it up. But beware, not only will the book entertain but it may also inspire readers to find their own secret garden to nurture.

The Curious Garden

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