The Clown of God

It’s not easy to find a children’s book author that you love in this day and age, when everyone (including a number of celebrities) is jumping on the bandwagon in order to make a few bucks in the market of childrens books. Many parents find that the older and more respected authors, like Tomie dePaola, are the ones who make the books that their children love and remember even until their adulthood. Fortunately there are plenty of books written by dePaola for children to read and enjoy, including The Clown of God.

The Clown of God is a retelling of an old French fable and is known as a religious story, although children can take much more than just a religious experience away from a telling of the tale. It focuses on Giovanni, who begins his life as an orphaned street urchin. He decides to join a group of actors and learns how to juggle and becomes a famous juggling cloud. One day, however, he finds that he’s old and his audience has left him, alone and homeless once again. He then stumbles upon people offering gifts to a statue of baby Jesus and Mary, and he sees, once the people leave, that the statue of the baby is sad, so he juggles to make him happy.

In The Clown of God, readers learn a little about religion, and a lot about the miracle of love, making it the type of book that will be read in a family for generations.

The Clown of God

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