The Chicken Sisters

Children can often have a difficult time learning that differences are okay. Author of a well-known children’s book series, “If You Give A…” decided to take on the task of helping children to realize that being different is a good thing, and did it by creating this selection. But what are these chickens all about, and how can they help children to realize that being different is a good thing?

These sisters are chickens who all love to do something different. They’re unlike many other birds in that they do things that most don’t do. Illustrator Charleen Collicott brings these crazy birds to live with her silly illustrations which make children laugh and giggle. The birds include Violet, Poppy, and Babs. Violet is the baker in the family, but she doesn’t do it very well! Every time she bakes the house fills up with smoke. Poppy is the knitter, but she knits some very strange things and it’s obvious that she’s not a very good knitter. And Babs loves to sing, but every time she sings she sings off key.

The three siblings eventually meet a new neighbor, a wolf who moves into the neighborhood and whom all of the other creatures are scared of. They invite him in and start doing all of their specialties for him. Violet bakes for him, Poppy knits him something, and Babs sings for him. This, of course, terrorizes the wolf and he decides that he’d rather not stay in the area.

Before the wolf incident, all of the neighbors of the chickens had a problem with how badly they did everything. But once they chase the wolf away, however, unintentionally, they realize that they shouldn’t have made fun of the chickens and that they really are good at what they do, even though they’re a bit different. The Chicken Sisters is a great fable that will help children to realize that being different can be a good thing, especially if you truly enjoy being who you are. It makes for a great lesson, and, of course, a great read!

The Chicken Sisters


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