The Butt Book

The title alone is enough to make both parents and kids look twice, not to mention all the rear ends featured on the cover. The Butt Book is the sort of book that will have people giggling even before they crack it open (no pun intended).

It’s a celebration to the rump, the behind, the butt! Who would have thought that something so simple, so common, could be so outrageously funny and make an entire children’s book? Every keister imaginable is on these pages; people, giraffes, alligators, dogs, elephants, and even fish! The tush, the heinie, the derriere – whatever you call it, it’s a butt and everything has one, so why not get a great laugh out of it?

Artie Bennett is the mastermind behind this rear end adventure and uses goofy rhymes coupled together with illustrations by Mike Lester. Readers may not be able to decide which is funnier; Bennett’s rhymes about butts or Lester’s wacky pictures of them. Not every picture is just a butt, to be sure. Occasionally readers get a glimpse of the faces of animals and people, which can be hilarious in itself because sometimes the featured creatures look startled in a comical way as if wondering just who on earth keeps staring at their behind, such as the disturbed looking rooster on the cover or the curious joey in mama kangaroo’s pouch.

Some rear ends with tails and things actually happen to use them, such as a monkey holding onto a banana or a bee with a stinger. Bennett addresses these things, so it’s never a dull moment on any page with a featured keister. Kids ages 5 to 7 are the intended audience for this book, though kids a little younger and even a little older are sure to get plenty of laughs out of it. Indeed, many adults will find themselves turning into kids again as they laugh and read aloud about behinds of all shapes, sizes, and talents.

From curlicue tails, purple rumps, all the way to bushy ends and long tails, one never thinks about just how many rear ends there are in the world, but Bennett makes sure to inform readers of as many as possible.

The Butt Book


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