The Bravest Knight

Stories abound in the mind of Mercer Mayer. Many of his books have been published and reprinted again and again because of their everlasting appeal to children. All sorts of flights of fancy can be found within the pages of his books, and when kids aren’t looking through his Little Critter series, they’re checking out his other titles for a bit of fun. Mayer does the illustrating himself, and you can always count on the pictures to be full of life and plenty of smile-inducing moments.

A young boy wishes that he lived during the time of good knights and bad knights, kings and queens, amazing castles, dragons, and fair maidens in distress. While he may not live during those times, he plans on using his imagination to the fullest to see that he can come close! The Bravest Knight is one boy’s tale of being just that; a knight unafraid of anything, who can fight dragons and rescue those in need and take down evil knights. Of course, it’s all done in a bit of hilarious fashion, as the boy forces the bad knights to pick flowers, the thing he rescues is actually a cat from a tree, and as for the dragon and the troll, kids will have to read to find out what they are and how the boy fights them!

This children’s book is a treat. The combination of Mercer Mayer’s story telling and his illustrations bring this tale to life. He puts a mix of fantasy into real life, such as showing castles in the background while the boy fights with a trash can in the foreground, wearing his cape and carrying his trusty wooden sword. Mayer includes plenty of details to make this a rich experience for any reader, complete with bright colors and plenty of excitement.

This story also has a fun ending, and it is a story that many kids might see themselves in. Mayer glorifies the delights of the imagination, but in the end also shows why the boy is content to stay right where he is in the present (after all, fighting dragons

and trolls is a tough job!).

The Bravest Knight

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