The Boy on Fairfield Street

Get ready to be transported to the childhood world of Ted Geisel, the boy who would later go on to be the most famous children’s book writer in history, Dr. Seuss. The Boy on Fairfield Street tells the tale of a young Ted and what he went through as a child that led him to write books that would inspire generations and become the foundation from which reading starts for so many children.

Ted Geisel began his life as the son of German immigrants. Given the era, that was a tough road for young Ted. His sense of humor and imagination got him through the hard times. His father was a zoo keeper, and Ted loved to watch the animals he tended to. These experiences ended up being the inspiration for many of his now-famous stories.

While there are many books about Dr. Seuss, there are few quite like this. The Boy on Fairfield Street is one of many picture books meant to teach, but it also manages to intrigue Dr. Seuss’ younger fans at the same time. The illustrations will bring the author and his inspirations to life. It blends the art from many favorite Dr. Seuss books with the story of Ted.

The book is masterfully written by Kathleen Krull. Krull is the award-winning author of several series of books. She is best known for writing books about the lives of famous people in a way that is relatable and understandable to children.

This book is brought to life by the illustrations of husband and wife team Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher. The pair is known for the illustrating the Dr. Seuss book My Many Colored Days along with many other popular books.

This story is a unique way to help kids understand the life of Dr. Seuss and give them a frame of reference for his books. It will teach them about the person behind the colors and rhyming. It will be the perfect addition to any classroom’s Dr. Seuss Day celebration. It’s intended for kids ages 9-12, but all children will want to hear about this incredible boy who turned into their beloved author.

The Boy on Fairfield Street

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