The Biggest Boy

Though Kevin Henkes is widely known for his childrens books involving lovable mice and all their cute escapades, he didn’t begin his writing career with them. Throughout his life he has created numerous books that explore learning and imagination. Kids will be in awe of some of the things he delivers in the pages, and though he often illustrates his own books, from time to time he teams up with a different illustrator to provide some fun and unique diversity to his stories. In The Biggest Boy, Henkes works with Nancy Tafuri to make his inventive story come to life.

Billy is growing all the time. Young boys tend to grow fast, something his parents are well aware of. As he gets bigger, there are more and more things he can do for himself. His parents tell him that he is getting bigger every day, an idea that sticks in Billy’s mind. What if he really were getting bigger and bigger every day? How big would he get? Billy’s imagination takes flight, and soon he pictures what it might be like if he continued to grow until he finally became The Biggest Boy. And not just in his town or in his country – but the biggest in the world!

Henkes delivers yet another fine story that is filled with delightful “What ifs” as Billy strolls over the landscape, growing larger with each

page until his head reaches the clouds. Kids will have a great time looking at all the pictures, the way that Billy keeps getting bigger will lead them to think about some fun situations that he might end up in, or encourage them to wonder themselves – what would they do if they were as big as Billy?

Tafuri’s illustrations are simply colored and will easily bring smiles to faces. The overall impression is one of serenity, even as Billy grows larger. He wanders through beautiful landscapes that are free of clutter, as he remains outside in fields with handfuls of trees. The Biggest Boy is intended for ages 4 to 8 and can be a relaxing read when bedtime rolls around.

The Biggest Boy

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