The Best Teacher Ever

Ever since Little Critter’s creation in 1975, the fuzzy little character has made his

way into the hearts of children and parents everywhere. Today, people who have read the series as kids have gone on to read it to their children or even to their grandchildren! Little Critter’s insatiable curiosity, penchant for helping, and propensity to make messes makes him an adorable character that everyone loves to read about. The Best Teacher Ever is yet another enjoyable story that kids will clamor to get their hands on.

Miss Kitty is a great teacher. She teaches all sorts of things – even math! And even if no one is really all that fond of math, they sure are fond of Miss Kitty. That is because she knows how to make school time fun! She puts on silly costumes when she reads childrens books to them and Little Critter and all his friends always have a grand time. Miss Kitty even brings them treats at special times, like cupcakes with colorful frosting and sprinkles!

So when Little Critter wants to show Miss Kitty just how great she is, he decides he has to find her the perfect gift. But finding someone the perfect gift is a lot harder than he thought. In the end, Little Critter figures out just what to do, as he always does.

The Best Teacher Ever is yet another gem by Mercer Mayer. His illustrations are rich and full of color. They are brighter than some of his older works and include many more characters now that Little Critter is off at school. But each and every one of them is a unique individual, and of course kids can still take a little bit of extra time on each page to search out Critter’s tiny buddies, the fuzzy spider and the laid-back mouse.

Kids may have their own special teacher, and they will have a ball reading about Little Critter’s journey to find the right gift. The Best Teacher Ever will make a wonderful addition to any

preschool shelf or child’s bedroom. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself buying more Little Critter books by request!

The Best Teacher Ever

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  1. Mel H says:

    My daughter and I make a game of looking for mouse and spider in all the Little Critter books. It is driving us crazy that we cannot tell if and where the mouse is located in The best Teacher Ever on the page with the Critter-Zilla. We found the spider and they always seem to be pair. I know it’s silly, but it’s important to a 4 year old and her mom :)

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