The Best Mouse Cookie

Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond have created a series of

stories that will live on far longer than they will. Their “If You Give A…” series are stories that have won numerous awards and that have become much beloved of children around the world. But not all children are ready and able to sit through these longer tales. Young children, particularly those who are over a year but under three, often need to have shorter books to sit down and listen too. And they need childrens books that are a bit less destructible than the paper ones that you’ll find all of the other stories in the series made out of.

Numeroff and Bond deliver to the younger children with a tale that is written just for them! The Best Mouse Cookie is a tale featuring the famous mouse from the other choices in the series, only this time it is just the mouse and he is trying to do a little baking! Even very young children with short attention spans will be captivated by the illustrations that Bond delivers and by the short but full sentences on each page from author Numeroff.

But more than just a delightful tale to read, The Best Mouse Cookie is a book about how, if you persevere, you can accomplish almost anything. That is what happens to the mouse, after all. He starts by adding flour and salt and then realizes that breaking eggs is a bit harder than he thought they would be. After he gets the cookies in the oven, he falls asleep (because, of course, it’s hard work making cookies) and his cookies burn! He then has to start all over again in his cookie making, but he’s not sad! Instead, he gets to work and gets those cookies made. And with a pyramid of cookies that all children will love, the tale ends with a little lesson. In The Best Mouse Cookie, Numeroff and Bond have truly created something special for even the youngest of children and their parents and is a tale that is highly recommended.

The Best Mouse Cookie


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