The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days

For over thirty years these famous bears have taught children about so many different things. Through these childrens books, kids have learned about making friends, being safe on Halloween, telling the truth, being polite, what happens when you stop watching so much television, and so much more. One might think that Stan and Jan Berenstain would run out of subjects to write about, but instead they have continued going strong, and plan on doing so for years to come.

In The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days, Sister is sick. She can’t go to school and has to stay home. Mama wants nothing more than for Sister to be cozy and happy while she’s ill, but as the days progress, Sister is getting a little more demanding every time and the entire family quickly realizes that it takes a lot to keep Sister happy! In fact, it does not take long before both Sister and Mama want nothing more than for Sister to be healthy again so she can go back to school.

Adults who now have their own kids can relate to this very scenario (as can the kids), but what’s more, many of the adults reading this book will also remember reading about their favorite Bear family when they were kids. These books have some of the strongest staying power of any books for young readers. They are timeless, extending across generations and teaching lessons that every kid should learn, especially stories about not talking to strangers, eating too much candy, or learning math.

The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days is yet another title to be added to any Berenstain collection. The illustrations are the same as they’ve ever been, and that is another thing that makes them so wonderful. Kids of young ages can have a great time reading or learning to read them. Parents 30 or older will happily reminisce of their own childhood while reading The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days to their children of their own. With over 25 years of writing for children, Stan and Jan have the kind success and experience other writers can only dream about.

The Berenstain Bears: Sick Days


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