The Bee Tree

Another sweet story by Patricia Polacco, a writer and illustrator who has produced picture books for children for over a decade. This time she brings readers a fun premise involving reading, bees, and the thrill of discovery. Sometimes you just never know what you might find!

The Bee Tree opens with a young girl named Mary Ellen. She’s tired of reading. She would much rather be outside playing. So her grandfather decides to help her out and together they go on a hunt for a tree where bees are, because that means honey! But soon it isn’t just Mary Ellen and her grandfather. Along the way they meet all sorts of people from neighbors to people passing on the street. Mary Ellen and her grandfather follow the pollen and the bees to find the hive, with dozens of people trailing along behind them, everyone in the mood for some fresh honey! When they finally find the tree, its time for a celebration!

Patricia Polacco brings this tale to life with fresh prose and lively illustrations. The Bee Tree has an old fashioned style, offering readers a bit of historical style clothing and a lovely rural setting where trees grow tall and flowers are bright and honey is plentiful. Readers are treated to a fun adventure with all sorts of unique characters all on their way to find some delicious honey, courtesy of the bees. Polacco pays close attention to detail in her illustrations, adding in all the little highlights that breathe vivacity onto the pages along with the story.

Kids will have a great time reading this on their own, or being read to by parents. Not only does the story focus on hunting for the tree, but also the merits of reading. All angles are examined in subtle ways that kids may or may not pick up on. No matter what, they’ll have a good time with the pictures and prose. Great for kids ages 5 to 8, they will enjoy having this book on their shelf and don’t be surprised if kids ask to go hunting for a bee tree as well!

The Bee Tree

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