Sweet Dream Pie

For decades, Audrey Wood has supplied kids with fun books. Her stories teach, entertain, and encourage kids to use their imagination. She likes to take them to different worlds, from an alphabet city to fairy tale-like places with giants and kings. Though Wood often does her own illustrations, she sometimes teams up with others. In Sweet Dream Pie, Mark Teague takes over the pictures, and together the two make an unforgettable tale that is quite delicious!

Ma and Pa Brindle head up to their attic early one morning to an old, dusty trunk. Inside is the recipe for Sweet Dream Pie. Only according to Ma, the last time they made it, things didn’t turn out so well. Still, Pa has a craving for a slice and Ma reluctantly agrees to make it. Then the fun really starts! Together, Ma and Pa get out a huge pie tin and start throwing in all sorts of ingredients! From gumdrops to marshmallows, cinnamon candies to chocolate delights, each ingredient is sugary and mouth-watering and likely to make readers hungry for a few treats of their own.

Soon the pie is cooking away and once it’s done, the entire neighborhood is invited to eat up some. But Ma warns them – don’t eat too much or dreams won’t be sweet! But of course, the pie is just too delicious and everybody overeats! Sure enough, once they fall asleep, their dreams aren’t very sweet and poor Ma ends up shooing off all the not-sweet things that creep up during the night.

Wood and Teague have made a unique story that is sure to keep kids entertained. Teague brings up colorful illustrations with a hint of exaggeration. Kids will love watching Ma and Pa toss the ingredients into the pie pan. Pa is particularly excited and flings them around, scatting candy everywhere and startling the cat! Sweet Dream Pie looks as delicious as it sounds, though Teague shows what happens when Ma’s orders aren’t followed. Greenish monsters with goofy grins and wacky shapes show up, though they aren’t enough to scare readers.

Children’s books like this are always a treat (in more ways that one!) and kids 5 to 9 will have a grand time reading it.

Sweet Dream Pie

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