Someone for Mr. Sussmann

Patricia Polacco, forever drawing upon the ideas of her own culture and customs of the past and those continuing into the present, brings yet another tale to kids that concern matters of the heart. Sometimes adults just do not see things as quickly

as some kids can, and readers will certainly know what is up the moment they read this book. But knowing the end will not take away from the fun of finding out just how two people finally realize they are right for each other.

Someone for Mr. Sussman takes the concept of a Jewish shadken – a matchmaker – and brings it to childrens books. It may seem like a surprising move, but Polacco knows what she is doing. Jerome’s beloved Bubbie is the best matchmaker in town. If someone needs to find that special person, Bubbie is the woman to call! She can match up just about anyone – except Mr. Sussman. No matter what she does, she can’t seem to find the right person for him. He has so

many demands, Bubbie can barely keep up with them.

In the end, can there really be a woman out there that is just right for him? Jerome might have an idea…

Someone for Mr. Sussman is a funny matchmaking story narrated by the young red-haired and freckled boy Jerome. He brings in plenty of humor to the situation that kids will giggle over. Patricia Polacco writes and illustrates the story, so readers get to see

exactly how it plays out with her pencil and color artistry, complete with wonderful facial expressions on all the characters and prettily detailed scenes, such as when Bubbie tries out ballroom dancing. Polacco introduces words to readers that they might never encounter otherwise, such as “farklempt” for certain situations.

Kids will enjoy all the colors in the illustrations and cheer on Bubbie as she tries to find that certain someone for Mr. Sussman and ends up triumphant. For ages 6 and up, Someone for Mr. Sussman ends happily – but not too mushy, thanks to Jerome! – making it a nice story to read at any time.

Someone for Mr. Sussmann

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