Some Birthday!

Celebrating the day of one’s birth is always a great time. Presents and cake, friends and family, what more could anyone ask for? Patricia Polacco recalls another beloved family memory as she creates Some Birthday! for young readers all around. A bit of mystery, intrigue, a scary monster, and plenty of laughs exist within the pages of this book, the kind of tale that everyone will enjoy no matter what’s going on in their day.

Patricia (often named after the author) is ready to celebrate her birthday. Except there’s a small – no, a big problem – everyone has forgotten! It’s awful enough, but to make things even worse, her father wants to take everyone to the Clay Pit. Patricia is far from thrilled about trekking all the way to the edge of town just to see the Clay Pit – especially because it’s such a scary place! Even her brothers agree that it’s a frightening place. They gather up their camping gear and head out. Once they reach the Clay Pit, their father goes off to investigate a strange rustling noise. Tension builds while dad is gone, and suddenly the Clay Pit Monster appears!

The kids run away, but their father soon shows them who the monster really was, and then the best part comes – it is time to celebrate Patricia’s birthday! She’s delighted that everyone remembered after all, and this will be one birthday that she will never forget!

A children’s book that goes from potentially scary to giggles all around, Patricia Polacco brings a bit of family fun to young readers. Details such as cialis 20mg the camping materials and the interesting place that is the Clay Pit will entrance readers as they go through the story. Polacco has a knack for creating illustrations in all sorts of media, pencils to markers to watercolor, and all the while manages to include all sorts of particular things, from frayed sweaters to plenty of emotion in all the characters’ faces. She knows how to use white space while making sure that her illustrations still get across the full mood of what is happening in the story.

Recommended for ages 4 through 7, parents and kids will have a great time reading this together.

Some Birthday!

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