Smelly Socks

Each of Munsch’s childrens books takes a familiar childhood occurrence and turns it into something hysterically funny that readers of all age can relate to. This one is no exception. Smelly Socks is the story of little Tina who desperately wants a new pair of socks from across the river in town. But how will she and her mother get there? There’s no bridge over the river. Why, they’ll take a boat, of course! An awful lot of shenanigans go on during the trials and tribulations of getting those socks. Once Tina gets these special socks, she refuses to take them off. After all, they are colorful and cozy and to Tina, the best present ever. As time goes on, however, no one is very happy about Tina’s stinky feet. Her friends decide they have to do something. But what? What makes this such a great story is that everyone, especially young children, can understand why Tina

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might behave this way. Anyone with a favorite article of clothing who has ever sat in front of the dryer waiting for it to come out knows how Tina feels. She wants her favorite new pair of socks and only those socks. The beauty of Smelly Socks is that it focuses on a girl character with smelly feet. Readers are used to stories of boys with smelly clothes or dirty hands and faces, but usually girls are portrayed as sweet and clean and quiet. Not Tina! Tina’s got a mind of her own. She’s rowdy and stinky and so much fun for readers to come to know. Smelly Socks is packed with delightful watercolor illustrations that bring the story to life. The local animals included are hilarious as they react to Tina’s stinky socks. There’s a moose who goes “ga ga,” a raccoon who can’t believe his nose, and two ducks who nearly faint from the stench. This is another one of Munsch’s classics that children will ask to have read to them time and again. It not only teaches but it provides a humorous insight a situation that nearly everyone can understand.

Smelly Socks


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