Sleepy ABC

Bedtime stories are a must-have for any family with young children. There’s nothing like a comforting story to help put your child to sleep. Sleepy ABC is a rhyming book that uses each letter of the alphabet to tell the tale of a tired young animal who is ready for bed. The delicate rhyme and soft pictures will help your child wind down and prepare to go to sleep.

This book serves double duty by teaching kids the alphabet while it marks the end of the day. It’s a story that they’ll want to hear over and over for its delicate prose and comforting tone. Picture books help bring a story to life and express the words more strongly. This one is no exception.

Sleepy ABC was written by Margaret Wise Brown. Brown is best known for authoring Goodnight Moon. It’s a classic children’s nighttime tale that has been memorized by most parents and kids under age 7. Brown has a way of getting kids excited about the simple things around them. She appeals to their fascination and innocence to create books that become bedtime standards. Even though this book was first written over 50 years ago, it hasn’t lost its relevance. Brown had a knack for relating to kids in a way that made simple things come to life.

Karen Katz is the illustrator of this adorable book. Her patchwork quilt motif adds to the soft characters and homey feel of the story. She draws the faces of the people and animals round and sweet, which draws youngsters in and adds to their awe of the pages.

Tired parents know that the best bedtime books are the ones that are easy to read and roll off the tongue. This isn’t the time to incite questions or deep conversation. Stories that are quick and to the point do the best job of helping children quiet their minds and begin to get sleepy. This story fits the bill. They’ll be lulled to sleep by the rhyme and comforted by the pictures. It’s a win-win situation for both parent and child. Since it’s a simple book, parents won’t mind reading it more than once.

Sleepy ABC


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