Silly Sally

Audrey Wood knows what kids want to see in their children’s books.

Silliness and good times! She delivers, and having written stories and illustrated them for over ten years, she has the skills to bring kids the kind of fun they love to see in their tales. Bold colors and plen Rocket Arabic Top Selling Arabic Course ty of amusement abound in this book. Silly Sally is exactly that. She wears a bright purple dress, has ruffled pantaloons, purple shoes to match, and twisty, curly red hair. She doesn’t just walk like a regular person either. Instead, she likes to walk in all sorts of ways! She walks backwards and upside down! She is traveling to town, and along the way she meets with a few animals. They like the goofy ways she walks, and are more than happy to join her. Made for pure enjoyment, Silly Sally has a main character that does all sorts of things out of the ordinary. Meant for kids ranging from infants to 6 year-olds, they will be amused at the strange things that she does, marveling at how she manages to walk upside down and bounce all over the countryside. With plenty of absurdity to go around, the story means plenty of giggles will be had along the way, and it is likely to become a favorite read in any household or daycare center. Audrey Wood is known for many of her popular titles. Silly Sally is available not only in hardcover, but also in board book form and large paperback size, ensuring that illustrations are

nice and large for kids to look at. Wood uses a rhyming style to tell her story, which can be fun for when kids are learning to read. The colors in Wood’s illustrations are light and chipper at all times, adding to the whimsical feel this book portrays. Each page is full of color, from the lovely purple of Sally’s dress to all the sunny flowers that she walks through. Kids will also like the animals joining in on the fun. Wood has a knack for getting kids the enjoyment they want, and if kids have a good time with this story, there are plenty more where this came from!

Silly Sally

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