Show and Tell

Every child wants to bring something really special to show off at school. But how many children would bring a sibling for Show and Tell? Show and Tell by Robert Munsch is a one choice that explores just what happens when someone does! Young Ben decides innocently enough to take his baby sister in his backpack for Show and Tell. When the baby starts crying, no one knows what to do

with her.

The school is turned on its head as the teacher, the principal and a doctor try to quiet the wailing child. When the doctor arrives, he tries to give the

child a needle to quiet her down. Readers of all ages will enjoy hearing the repetitive refrains as each frazzled adult tries to comfort the baby. It’s this level of repetition that can also help readers learn new sight words. Mom is finally brought in to collect her child. She quiets her immediately and order is about to be restored. Ah, but there’s a twist children will love. The principal ends up feeling sick from all the ruckus and ends up crying, “WAAA! WAAA! WAAA!” out of fear of the doctor’s needle. It’s the twist as well as the silly premise of this choice that Munsch’s young readers so often look forward

to and appreciate with almost every story. By adding a creative component to such a simple

idea (share time at school in this case), readers have a chance to appreciate some real excitement in one package. Munsch so often takes the ordinary—having a baby sister—and turns it into wacky, chaotic mayhem. No one questions the absurdity of the events as they’re too busy laughing to notice. Author of more than twenty-five different books, all with a level of humor kids come to look forward to, Munsch’s choice here is as good as it gets in the world of literature for kids. As in so many of Munsch’s books, illustrator Michael Martchenko adds more to the story with his vivid and playful watercolors. Emerging readers will love taking picture walks through this engaging children’s book.

Show and Tell

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