Shelia Rae, the Brave

Kevin Henkes has become a beloved author of picture books for many years. Children enjoy his stories, which often feature adorable mice as the protagonists. They get themselves into all sorts of trouble and have fun adventures. And Henkes’s storie

s are always accompanied by his delightful illustrations.

One mouse isn’t afraid of anything. She is Shelia Rae, the Brave! She dares to do it all. While other mice avoid stepping on cracks, she boldly trounces on them. She will walk backwards with her eyes closed without any fear. If stray dogs come around, she growls at them. If stray cats bother her, she will bare her teeth at them. No matter what comes around, she is ready for it!

Except one day, she gets lost on her way home from school. And to her surprise, her sister Louise who always seems to be such a “scaredy cat,” is the one to get both of them safely home.

Kevin Henkes brings children simple stories with fun themes and a few small lessons all entwined together to create a memorable book. Shelia Rae, the Brave touches upon things that kids must encounter in their everyday lives, from being scared to going to school, to getting lost. Each time he brings the answers about in a fun and occasionally surprising fashion where even the main character mice don’t see

it coming! His enjoyable stories make these books perfect for kids ages 4 to 7, and teachers, librarians, and parents can all have a

good time reading these to children and then encouraging them to read on their own.

Henkes’s illustrations are a big part of his tales. Pencil, ink, and watercolors come together to make his little mice world. Shelia wears a cute dress and practically leaps off the page with

her vitality. Kids will snicker and point as she does her crazy, fearless things like growling at dogs and snarling at cats. She’s big and bad – even if she is really small! Just like many other of Henkes’s titles, this one has a good chance at becoming a favorite, which means hardcover may be a better choice for a longer shelf life!

Shelia Rae, the Brave


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