Sector 7

Another in a seemingly endless line of successful picture books by famed illustrator David Wiesner, “Sector 7″ is the story of a group of school age children who are apparently on a field trip that has found them within the walls and glass of the observatory in New York City’s iconic Empire State Building.  The focus of the story is on one of the boys in the group who somehow makes friends with a cloud who then takes him to a magical and strange Sector 7 – the name for the headquarters of all clouds.

It is while a visitor at Sector 7 that the boy seems to understand the angry young clouds and helps to reshape them by creating drawings of incredible new shapes for them all.  Of course the more mature clouds(those who run this headquarters) are not impressed and in fact they are downright furious that the younger clouds have misbehaved this way by not following the rules.  These adults immediately escort the young boy back to the observatory along with his cloud friend.

As happens with the majority of all childrens books, there is a happy ending here.  Though the boy is escorted home, the adults later realize the err of their ways, seeing the brilliance in his drawings.  As the young children leave the building and head back toward their school bus, they look up to see the sky full of clouds of all new shapes – shapes that the boy himself had created.sector7


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