Scratch Kitten and the Ragged Reef

Get ready for action and adventure on the high seas with Scratch the Kitten and the Ragged Reef. It’s the story of a ship’s kitten named Scratch that hops aboard a new boat looking for adventure. On a ship with a name like the Great Sardine, he thinks he’ll be all set for a life of fishing. He gets a rude awakening when he searches the boat and discovers that there are no fishing nets or fisherman, just two children that think he’s their new pet. What has he gotten himself into? With no solution in sight, he faces his biggest challenge yet when they come upon the ragged reef.

Scratch the Kitten and the Ragged Reef will propel your young reader into a high seas adventure where the outcome is uncertain. They’ll get to experience the story through the eyes of Scratch and get a feel for how odd animals must think we humans are. It’s an opportunity to get swept away into a world that is far different from our own. Following Scratch as he figures out what to do to escape from the mess he’s gotten himself into will be a fun lesson in problem solving for young kids.

Children’s books are all about fantasy and compelling stories. This book is meant for younger readers. It will give them the chance to experience the drama on their own and will help develop their reading skills. The book’s perspective will add humor and a touch of uniqueness.

Jessica Green is the author of this silly tale. It’s complimented by the illustrations of Mitch Vane, who brings Scratch to life. The vibrant colors and detailed expressions he uses on the characters make it easy

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to understand their feelings. The contrasts between Scratch and the children show their differences in a very visual way.

Scratch the Kitten and the Ragged Reef is sure to become a favorite in school libraries and among the first grade set. It’s a book that they can enjoy on their own or with the help of a parent. Younger children will relish in the story as it’s told by an adult.

Scratch Kitten and the Ragged Reef


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