Scaredy Cats

With well over twenty books in her name, Audrey Wood knows what to deliver to kids. She knows that fun, giggle-worthy illustrations, and a good story are what kids love to see and hear when they open a book with mom or dad. She often invites other illustrators to decorate the pages of her books, but she is also a talented artist herself and illustrates many of her children’s books.

When Mother Cat is all out of stamps, she needs someone to go to the post office to mail a letter. When Blue Kitten and Yellow Kitten inform Mother Cat that it is their turn to run an errand, all their siblings laugh. Those two are too scared to go on an errand all by themselves. They’ll get frightened and run back home without any stamps. But Mother Cat has faith in her little ones. It’s their turn, so she lets them.

But there are so many things to worry about! The road is so long. The cats are scared that something might get them. Trolls. Natural disasters. Bandits. Witches. Getting lost. Will they be able to make it all the way to the post office and back? And will they be able to get over their fears and no longer be a pair of Scaredy Cats?

While imaginations are fun and even glorious at times, Audrey Wood presents a great tale of when wild imaginations can be just a bit too much. Scaredy Cats has a surprise ending that kids will get a kick out of. Many kids may even be able to relate to these two fuzzy little cats and their excessive fears. Parents will appreciate what Wood has to offer within these pages, from the solid story to her colorful illustrations.

Scaredy Cats is done in bold colors and the two cats do indeed look scared all the time, with their extra fuzzy coats and puffed tails, wide eyes, and often hugging one another. Kids will also appreciate the details, from the trees to the objects the other cats toy with in the house. It’s a fun book for kids ages 3 to 8.

Scaredy Cats

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