Rude Giants

Audrey Woods knows how to write stories that delight, entertain, and educate. Her tales have long since been on children’s shelves, and many of those children have grown up to tell Wood’s stories to their children. Though Wood often invites her husband or her son to illustrate a particular tale, she has artist skills of her own. Wood’s illustrations are always fun and bright, and in Rude Giants, she brings them all out to match them with an interesting fairy


Beatrix is a butter maid. She lives quietly in the country with her best friend, her cow Gerda. They have a lovely little cottage, and Beatrix gives Gerda only the freshest, tastiest yellow hay. In return, Gerda provides Beatrix with the sweetest milk to make butter and other delicious things. They’re so content, they don’t even mind much when two loud and obnoxious giants move into the castle nearby – until they steal Gerda, that is! Beatrix isn’t going to let them eat her cow for breakfast, so she marches over and tells them that they can’t just eat Gerda. At least, not in such a messy house. And not with such awful table manners. Beatrix craftily steers the giants away from eating her cow and gets them to tidy themselves up in the process. Eventually the giants find something else to eat, and Beatrix and Gerda can go home safe.

Rude Giants is an innovative little fairy tale that kids will giggle and point at. Wood’s illustrations are perfect on each and every page. The woman giant has wild green hair with tiny yellow bows in it, while her husband is as hairy as hairy can be! Kids will delight in looking for Gerda on the pages, and she is often found carried around in the giant woman’s pocket. It’s guaranteed to make everyone smile – the idea of a little cow being carried around while giants clean their house, a butter maid orchestrating everything. Who knew picture books could be so much fun?

Great for ages 3 to 7, it’s a good time all around with a happy ending. Kids will enjoy all the details in the pictures and be glad when Beatrix and Gerda get home safely once again.

Rude Giants

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