Rocker Babies Wear Jeans

Michelle S. Colman, the creator of the Urban Babies Wear Black Books, has come up with a new title; Rocker Babies Wear Jeans. Michelle S. Colman’s tiny characters are all hip, trendy, and stylish while making sure they have plenty of fun and entertaining children across the nation. With illustrator Natalie Dion by her side, readers can watch as tiny ones party—the cool way!

Meant for infants and children who are in preschool, the little ones depicted in this title gets into all sorts of situations. From troublesome jelly jar licking to cruising around the house on a big wheel bike, there’s a lot for a hip, happenin’ babe to do.

Rocker Babies Wear Jeans takes children’s books to a different level. It doesn’t have a lot of text, and the text that is present is simple and straightforward. That makes it easier for children who are learning to read. The pictures take up the entire page, edge to edge, and use a lot of basic shapes and colors with only a little added detail here and there. The colors are bright and happy, and many of the pictures are certainly giggle-worthy, such as a sunglasses-wearing, pacifier-sucking, headband-donning, jean jacket-wearing baby rocking out on his big wheel. A baby that is the embodiment of “cool.”

There’s plenty for adults too. Not only will they find the pictures amusing, but can also recognize some of the rock symbols present throughout the book. One baby wears a t-shirt with a Rolling Stones logo on it as he sits in his high chair snacking on toast. The babies are often with an adult who makes sure they aren’t getting into too much rollicking trouble.

Rocker Babies Wear Jeans should make for good fun for kids all over. It’s silly and cute; an easy read with enjoyable illustrations. If children like this book, there are plenty other books available within the Urban Babies Wear Black series for kids to pore over. Even better, Michelle S. Colman shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. More chic little ones with plenty of coolness coming up in the future!

Rocker Babies Wear Jeans


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