Robot Zot!

BAM! It’s Robot Zot! He practically blasts out of the cover in a splash of bright color and huge letters. Parents and children alike may quickly notice the familiar names underneath this brazen robot. Jon Scieszka is known for such children’s books as The Stinky Cheese Man and The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!, while David Shannon is popular thanks to his titles of A Bad Case of Stripes and No, David! These two powerhouse authors together have created the one, the only, the ultra powerful Robot Zot!

Except he’s only three inches tall and happens to have landed in a kitchen.

His goal when he arrived on the Earth was to conquer it. He doesn’t quite realize that he’s a bit on the short side and that blenders and toasters aren’t much of a threat. Or are they? Perhaps when you’re so small, they can be a little overwhelming. But this warrior isn’t one to be intimidated by such things, and he takes them on with gusto, intent upon fending off their attacks and claiming the Earth as his own. Events take an abrupt change though, when he spots a toy cell phone. He believes it to be the “Queen of all Earth” and is smitten. Can the quixotic machine save the queen from the dangers of the kitchen?

A wacky tribute to the small taking on big things and Don Quixote (though only adults are likely to notice the similarities), Robot Zot! is one rollicking good time. There is plenty of action to be had as he dashes from one “enemy” to another, always claiming that he will “never fall” and “conquers all.” The acrylic artwork by David Shannon brings the entire scene to life, keeping pace with Jon Scieszka’s fun rhymes.

For ages 3 to 7, it may be a good idea to read this during the day instead of just before bedtime. Too much adventure will keep kids wide awake and excited, ready to take on a few dangerous waffle-makers themselves. Especially when things take a turn and the protagonist becomes the one and only Hero Bot!

Robot Zot!


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