Ribbon Rescue

Those looking for childrens books with a Native American heroine should look no further than Ribbon Rescue by Robert Munsch.

This is the story of Jillian who steps outside in her new dress that her grandmother has made especially for her. It has long, flowing ribbons and Jillian is so happy to wear it. In Ribbon Rescue , we later learn that the dress is modeled after a traditional Native American Mohawk costume.

Just as Jillian steps outside, she sees a man in a tuxedo running by. He has no shoelaces and announces that he is late for his wedding. Jillian tears off some ribbons and gives them to the man for shoelaces and speeds him on his way with her brother’s skateboard. Next, a bride comes running by. She’s lost and late for her own wedding. Jillian tears off some ribbons to tie up the bride’s disheveled hair. She sends her off on a bike. Next, some guests come running by without wrapping for their present. Jillian supplies ribbons from her dress and ties up the present. She sends them off with a wagon and scooter. Finally, the best man comes running by in search of the ring. Jillian finds it in a mud puddle and gives him a ribbon to secure it. She sends him on his way with a pair of skates.

When Jillian’s grandmother comes to fetch Jillian to go to a wedding, Jillian realizes she is completely dirty and her dress Der Novoline Slot book of ra deluxe kann auch im Stargames Casino gespielt werden. is full of holes. And guess whose wedding it is! The bride and groom don’t mind. They recognize Jillian and to thank her for her help, they make her the flower girl. This story imparts a wonderful lesson that all can learn from – helping others is a gift. Even if it means sharing your possessions, including ribbons from your very beautiful dress, helping others when they need it is worth the sacrifice. You may, in time, find that extra rewards come to you for your thoughtful generosity.

Ribbon Rescue features gouache and colored-pencil illustrations by Eugene Fernandes that are a departure in style from most of Munsch’s other books. The pictures are flowing and dreamy and delightful. This is a feel-good story for all.

Ribbon Rescue

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