Rechenka’s Eggs

Always bringing kids colorful books full of love and smiles, Patricia Polacco delivers both stories and illustrations created by her skilled hand. Rechenka’s Eggs is one of her many titles made just for little hands and the adults that help them grow. Folklore and Ukrainian culture comes into play with a goose and some amazing eggs. Babushka always makes the most beautiful hand-painted eggs for the Easter festival. She wins first prize all the time because her eggs are so colorful and detailed. Everyone loves her work. When Babushka finds an injured goose near her house, she takes it in to help it heal. She gives the goose a name and together they enjoy a cozy life inside Babushka’s house while Babushka carefully decorates her Ukrainian eggs. Finally the goose is well enough and spreads her wings to fly and show Babushka that she is healed. However, in doing so she breaks all of Babushka’s lovely eggs, leaving Babushka sad, for now she has nothing to show in the Easter festival. But the next morning, she awakens to see that the goose has done something truly remarkable. Instead of plain white eggs, the goose has laid eggs just as beautiful as the ones that Babushka makes each year. With Rechenka’s Eggs, Babushka wins first prize and finds a good friend. Children’s books like this one are certain to delight children. Polacco’s amazing illustrations are full of vibrant colors to show off Babushka’s wonderful Ukrainian eggs. The details show off a variety of little folklore patterns that will have kids gazing at the eggs for hours. Color and detail show up elsewhere as well, from the quaint village where the festival occurs to the folds in the clothing that the peasants wear. Rechenka’s Eggs is a good book full of warmth and happiness with a bit of a miracle mixed in for good measure. Magic and animals are always powerful elements to catch children’s imaginations, and for kids ages 4 to 8, they will enjoy reading with mom

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and dad each and every night, falling asleep dreaming of geese that lay beautiful Easter eggs.

Rechenka’s Eggs

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