Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea

Those who have children and who read a number of children’s books may know about Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish was a fish who was full of sparkles due to his sparkly scales. He is proud of these scales and is very vain about them. His vanity, however, leaves him with no friends, and eventually he asks a wise old octopus for help. The octopus tells him to give away his beauty to find true happiness, and so Rainbow Fish winds up giving away all but one of his scales to his friends, so that everyone can have a bit of beauty.

The tale of Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea is another tale in the saga of this fun little fish. This time he and his friends are playing near the edge of an underwater canyon. He wonders what is down below the canyon, but his friends tell him that he should avoid the dangerous place. Unfortunately for Rainbow Fish, his last sparkle falls off and into the canyon, so he has no other option but to go and rescue his sparkly scale. When he is down into the canyon, he discovers many new characters who become his friends and who help him to regain his scale again.

The tale of Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea is the latest book in the popular series about this flashy fish. The illustrations stay true to the previous stories and continue to use small pieces of holographic material in order to make the rainbow scale truly sparkle, a feature which attracts children (and adults) of all ages to the book and which keeps children’s eyes focused on the words on the page.

One of the best things about Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea, however, is that both parents and children can learn all about the animals of the deep thanks to the simple glossary of information in the back of the book. This information may spark more questions, giving parents and children the opportunity to learn together about the amazing animals and fish that can be found in the deep.

Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea

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