Quick as a Cricket

Audrey Wood has written dozens of childrens books for over twenty years. Her soft illustrations and whimsical stories always bring a smile to a child’s face. Youngsters often remember her stories long after they have grown up, some of them now purchasing these books for their own children.

Quick as a Cricket is one of Wood’s most beloved tales. One boy celebrates many different facets of himself as he does all sorts of silly and fun thing with creatures of the world. He announces that he is as slow as a snail or as tame as a poodle. He claims that he is as small as an ant, and on another page announces that he is as a large as a whale. He mimics each animal he mentions right on the pages, from swinging through the trees like a monkey to sipping tea with a prime and proper poodle. In the end, he tells readers that all of these different parts of himself are all put together to create one special person, “ME!”

Toddlers and preschoolers alike will thoroughly enjoy Quick as a Cricket. The phrases used are simple and rhyme together, giving it almost a singsong-like quality that kids will love listening to when parents or teachers read to them. Audrey Wood brings in Don Wood to do the illustrations this time, and each page is filled with exciting and giggle-worthy pictures. They are bright and detailed, and rather realistic. Crickets and ants don’t look cartoonish and the expressions on the boy’s face as he swings through trees or leaps over the ground are sure to make readers grin. All the colors are rich and Wood uses light and shading well

Great for both boys and girls, Quick as a Cricket promotes a little message that lets kids know that, like the boy in the book, there are many different parts to them, but all those parts can come together and that is what makes them a special person. But message aside, the fantastical things the boy experiences are fun on their own, and kids will feel free to use their imagination as the pages turn.

Quick as a Cricket


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