Purple, Green and Yellow

Purple, Green and Yellow is a book that will really resonate with many parents and all children! Brigid is a little girl who likes to color—a lot! She’s out to find the perfect marker. She begs her mother who eventually gets her three sets. She starts with washables, but then quickly decides she absolutely must have the smelly kind. We can see that she enjoys drawing things that are realer than real as, “She drew lemons that smelled like lemons and roses that smelled like roses, and cow plops that smelled like cow plops.” Brigid soon decides she must have the kind of markers that are “super indelible never come off till you’re dead or maybe even later coloring markers.”

Finally, the paper she usually draws on loses its appeal. Brigid does what every kid has done at one time or another; she draws on herself with permanent marker. She knows she’s gone too far and has to find a way out of her jam. Nothing will take it off. So what does she do, but color over the marker with people colored markers. Will mom and dad be fooled?

As with all Munsch’s picture books, Purple, Green and Yellow takes an everyday occurrence—a child drawing on something she shouldn’t—and gives it a silly spin. The mom in this story is great. At first she thinks Brigid’s coloring is fabulous. She says, “Wow, my kid is an artist!” But then as the drawings move from paper to other surfaces….things get a little sticky. When dad wakes up from a nap and looks in the mirror—look out! Brigid has been a little too creative.

The illustrations by Helene Desputeaux make the story pop off the pages. They are as colorful as Brigid is! Parents will be able to relate to the story as they struggle through all the creative attempts of their own little ones. Children will learn, hopefully, that while it is wonderful and fun to be creative, there are some limitations that still exist. Enjoy the hilarious and timeless words of

wisdom that jump from the pages, for parents and children.

Purple, Green and Yellow

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