Princess Baby, Night-Night

There is nothing more special than those bedtime stories you read to your children. Princess Baby, Night-Night is one of those that may fast become a family favorite. Warm, endearing, and true to what may be experienced in your own family night after night, this story will hit home with both you and your children. The heroine, Princess Baby, is getting ready for bed, and insisting as most small children will, that she isn’t the least bit sleepy yet. As she goes through her night time routine, she is asked many questions just to make sure she is really preparing for bedtime. The pictures are colorful and depict the baby holding and cuddling her stuffed animals, as she is asked as she has picked up all her toys. She is shown reading books to her animals, and finally, sound asleep next to them.

Many young children will relate to Princess Baby, Night-Night, as they recognize their own lives in comparison to hers. She may not think she is sleepy, but falling asleep as she tucks her toys in for the night proves that she is wrong. Young children love recognizing themselves in stories they read. When it comes to childrens books, Karen Katz is a pro at writing stories that will soon become family favorites, and something you and your children look forward to sharing during that special time between getting in bed and falling asleep.

Children who are read to from an early age develop better reading skills as they mature. They read earlier, better, and easier than children who are not read to. It’s even better if they are read stories they are drawn to over and over again, such as Princess Baby, Night-Night. When your little ones fall in love with this book, they will also be falling in love with reading and story-telling. The illustrations are attractive and fun to look at, and the prose is easy to read and flows as the story draws the reader in. There is not much more that you can ask for from good, high quality, children’s literature.

Princess Baby, Night-Night

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